How do I motivate myself to study?

Success, ambition, dreams, money, luxuries nothing comes easy and everything has a price which you have to earn. There are no shortcuts to success so don’t bother wasting time considering that easy option. The tighter you sleep when you could burn the midnight oil the sleepless you will be in your future so wake up as the hard work you put in your 20’s is a going to define you for the long run.

Think you got nothing because you haven’t tried otherwise who can beat my mind. It never get tired.

So all what you have to make a habbit of studying is as follows-

  1. Don’t overdo in your starting days otherwise you might be last resting more. As you exercise more in first day, you will not be able to do it for next 2–3 days.
  2. Don’t start with a time table of 18–20 hrs study otherwise you will end up sleeping more that day.
  3. Write down your goals on paper and stick it to wall where you study so that might reminds you every time.
  4. Just use a single source of social media between WhatsApp or quora a day.
  5. Delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tik-tok ,pubg etc.
  6. Install telegram.
  7. Talk to your parents atleast for 10 mins everyday about their sacrifices in raising you.
  8. Start your day with your favourite topics.
  9. Turn off notifications for all apps.
  10. Sit on the chair or mattress while studying skip bed.
  11. While feeling bored, attempt a quizz of your strongest topic. Many tests are freely available.
  12. Don’t study where someone is talking specially when your mom is on call with her relatives. ( For starters)
  13. Don’t snooze alarm.
  14. Think if a single person can do that why can’t I.
  15. Start and end your day with easiest subject/ topic for you so that you don’t feel sleepy.
  16. Make everyday goals. What to complete today.
  17. Whenever saw something new, write down it in your notebook.
  18. Don’t overeat otherwise you will end up sleeping. If possible eat homemade food always.
  19. Drink more and more water it will declutter your thoughts and mind too.
  20. Start your day with atleast 10 mins walking analysing what to complete today.
  21. No group study, it is none other than mocking someone.
  22. Don’t underestimate yourself. Just you can do that, you have to do that.
  23. Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone is different. Dhoni can’t clear jee and Sundar Pichai can’t win the world cup.
  24. When being bore, read some motivational stories or listen some music for 10 mins but don’t listen sad songs. Listen some energetic.
  25. Take proper sleep for 5–6 hrs so that you may absorb whatever you gain. This may vary for person to person.
  26. Analyse your day everyday what you feel now, how are you different from yesterday, how it feels. It will push you to do more.
  27. Take 10 mins everyday to analyse yourself before ending your day.
  28. Whenever go outside, carry a pen with you, you will definitely utilize it. Once I went to a cousin’s marriage, I get really bored in weddings so I was carrying a pen with me. And guess what I did.. I filled 2 sweet case with blue ink and seriously I loved that. Still I do this whenever get bored.

If you follow these steps, you will not need anything else. You will be a different person and in approx 30 days, you will adapt yourself to it.Love yourself

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