What are common mistakes made by college students?

After seeing this question, I thought that I should definitely answer it because I have committed a large number of mistakes in my college life and therefore, I recommend everyone who is ready to join the college or are currently studying in college not to commit the same mistakes as I did unless you will also face the same bad consequences like I did.

So, here’s the story. Pardon me because it’s gonna be a long answer. But I promise that it will be worth your time spent.

Background before entering the college:

  • School topper in class 10th and 12th (Had a lot of belief in my abilities because of good academic results in the past).
  • Single child of my parents, and therefore, never stayed away from my parents.
  • Weak financial condition of the family.

After clearing the AIEEE exam, I joined Tier 1.5 Engineering college of India. Here are the mistakes committed by me.

1. Taking the studies lightly: Since I was a school topper and I had enormous self-belief in myself, therefore, I always thought that I can complete the whole syllabus just the one night before the exam. But sadly, it didn’t happen as I got 10 backlogs overall during the entire 4 years. I still have 2 pending backlogs.

2. Not choosing the branch properly: I had an option to change my branch after the end of the first year but I ended up choosing the most difficult branch of my college (ECE) and therefore, suffered till 4 years. The sad fact is that I started to hate the subjects of my branch and developed the interest for CS subjects and after those 4 years, I am still struggling to get a job in IT industry.

3. Chasing girls: I proposed a girl again, from whom I was rejected during my school days and got rejected again because she didn’t like me again. In those 4 years, I chatted with hundreds of girls and flirted with many of them for seeking a relationship, but was failed every time. My mind forgot that the main aim for which I was sent to the college, was not to have a spouse or a GF but to make a career. I finally entered into a relationship with a girl, who was someone else’s girlfriend and after 3 months of romance, she left me. I cried only twice during my college life, and both because of those two girls, the one who rejected me and the one who left me. I wasted a lot of my parents’ money for those shitty things during my college life.

4. Hunger for Fame: I was a good poet during college days and to attain fame, I joined a cultural club of my college, which in turn affected my studies a lot because I had not enough self-control in me so that I could manage my time for studies and extra-curricular activities accordingly. Although, I achieved fame and won a number of awards in my college because of my speaking skills and poetry but on the other hand, I wasted more than half of my college life to achieve that fame and ignoring my studies.

5. Addictions: In those 4 years, I developed a lot of addictions, which included chasing girls, chatting on FB, Whatsapp, flirting with girls, watching movies, cricket, porn, gaming, etc, which further helped me to destroy myself slowly. Although I have overcome a lot of those addictions now, but few of them are yet to be conquered.

6. Not asking questions to teachers: Although it is a true fact that more than half of the professors teaching us from the 2nd-4th year was not that expert in the way of teaching and were experts in making us sleep in the class. But I believe that it is one of my biggest mistakes not to clear my doubts by asking them questions. Because the majority of the teachers never say NO to a curious student.

7. No proper utilization of the library and Internet: Well, I didn’t use those two free resources provided to us properly. Internet was used in chatting, doing the work of club, movies, cricket, and porn, whereas, it will always be a regret in my heart not to read the so many good books on every topic available to us in the library.

8. The life-saving previous exam question papers: I never looked at the previous exam questions before any sessional and final examination till the third year due to belief in my abilities or I can relate it to over-confidence also. The result was that I faced a lot of troubles while solving the questions, which my classmates and my friends solved easily because they have solved the previous exam papers.

So, these are the mistakes, which I remember till now.

Sometimes, I thought that I should write a novel, whose title will be The Infinite Mistakes of My College Life.

Jokes apart, but I think that my biggest mistake was not to do the self-introspection. I knew whatever I was doing was wrong but I didn’t reflect upon those mistakes, didn’t corrected them and thus, suffered the consequences and is still suffering from some of them now.

In the end, of this answer, I want everyone to always remember the Newton’s 3rd Law of motion, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

So, I hope that I didn’t waste your time and you will learn something from those mistakes which I committed during my college life !!

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